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This set of printed circuit boards allows anyone to build a faithful vintage Neumann U87 clone inside the body of any number of cheap, Chinese-made microphones. The PCBs can be used to improve the sound of a stock Chinese capsule, or can be paired with a Peluso K87 capsule.


  • Suggested “donor bodies”:
    • Behringer B2 (all switches)
    • MXL 2010 (all switches)
    • Aurycle A460 (no pickup pattern switch)
    • MCA SP1 (no pickup pattern switch)
    • CAD GXL2400 (no pickup pattern switch)
    • Carvin CM87S (no pickup pattern switch)
    • Gauge ECM 87 (no switches)
    • Nady SCM 900 (no switches)
  • Transformer options:


  • $20 for PCB set

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  1. Someone has used Behringer b-2 (not pro)? B2 has not all the switch (only two position for capsule choice switch).

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