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The “Lola” is a new mic peamp design for the 500-series from Hairball Audio, featuring John Hardy 990C discrete opamps and Ed Anderson’s Neve reproduction transformers. The amplifier is fully differential throughout the entire signal circuit. This is similar to the topology used in Graeme Cohen’s “double balanced” design to improve noise, CMRR, and output drive. The Lola is available as a full or partial DIY kit.


  • Hammered powder-coat finish
  • 500-series or 51x Alliance compatible
  • Uses Ed Anderson’s EA-10468 and EA-1166 transformers
  • Stock kit comes with assembled John Hardy 990C opamps
  • Option to use any other 2520-footprint discrete opamp
  • Dual FET Buffer DI (before input transformer)
  • LED meter with switchable Peak of VU operation
  • Grayhill gain switch
  • 600 ohm t-pad output attenuator
  • Input transformer can be relay flipped to accept line level signals


  • $395 for full kit with JH-990 Opamps
  • $295 for full kit without opamps
  • $70 for bare bones kit

I talk to Mike Mabie from Hairball Audio about the Lola design:

More information: