RackNeve 1176 FET compressor module

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RackNeve 1176 FET compressor module

1176 compressor module is based on the vintage early UREI 1176 revision D compressor that is famous for its color and character. We put the original design into much smaller footprint of our 4-channel frame system. This allows to pack up to 4 units into single 1U enclosure. We also included two separate LED meters – one for output level, another for gain reduction. Another useful feature is active link circuit that allows correct linking of two units for stereo operation.




  • Compact design
  • True bypass
  • Additional 2:1 ratio setting
  • LED indication
  • Active link facility


Partial kits can be bought at RackNeve site.


  • Front panel – 12.5 USD
  • PCBs – 42 USD