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Garash G.TEN – ten band graphic equalizer in 500 series format.
Great sounding and easy to set eq with all important music frequency points.
It’s great for shaping drums, guitars or any other sources where you need great sound and fast setup.
Eq principle is based on ic gyrator filter which mimic inductor. Eq is proportional-Q (wider Q on low boost/cut and narrower Q on high boost/cut). Such eq principle became especially popular from the mid of 70s when the famous console module was invented by Al Davis.
G.TEN is input balanced and output balanced with true relay bypass and led indicator (red – bypass, green – eq active).
The design includes the option to select the output stage:
– opamp driver + that1646 differential output line driver
– discrete opamp (any 2520 style DOA) output driver + 2503 output transformer
So you get “more clean” output or “ a littlebit more coloured” output.

G.TEN will be available as diy kit with a full set of all components necessary for its assembly*.
*additional component list:
– that1246 input buffer
– dual opamp (OPA2604 / LME49720 recommended)
– output parts, depends on your output option selection
(OPA604 + that1646 or DOA + 2503 trx)

Now we are preparing for 20ty kits.
G.TEN kits will be ready to ship by early June 2019. Pending receipt of front panels and pcb boards.
This project is possible because we got a large batch of high quality S-type curve slide pots with center “click” for true zero boost/cut.

The picture shows a prototype with an 3mm aluminum panel and letters by laser engraving (which makes the letters are not very readable).
In the serial version, the panel will also be aluminum but with letters made by the principle of metallographic (which makes the letters much more readable).

Kit is available through our distributor:
pre-order price: 200USD
world-wide shipping: 20USD for one kit and 35USD for two

Build thread: