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Jim Williams of Audio Upgrades recently discontinued his popular upgrade service for budget, Chinese-made condenser microphones. Cue DIY supplier Microphone Parts, who has stepped in with a series of kits that allow DIYers to perform these same mods at home. The kits, designed by Jim Williams himself, consist of circuit and component upgrades for the MXL990 and MCA SP-1 microphones.

Mod Kit Features:

  • Kits include upgrade components and instruction booklet
  • Kits available in “Basic” and “Advanced” versions
  • Can be paired with Microphone Parts’ large-diaphragm capsules
  • MXL 990 kits available in matched, stereo pairs
  • Does not include MXL 990 / MCA SP-1 microphone

Kit Prices:

  • $49 for Basic MXL 990 or MCA SP-1 kit
  • $99 for Advanced kits
  • $74.95 for Basic Stereo MXL 990 kit
  • $149 for Advanced Stereo MXL 990 kit

Purchasing and More Info:

  • Available from Microphone Parts
  • Rhythm in Mind’s blog post detailing his experience with the kits, including sound samples.

One thought on “Microphone Parts MXL 990 / MCA SP-1 Mod Kits

  1. Help! I installed a capsule and mod kit and no the thing doesn’t work. There is a hollow “ring” if I tap the body that comes through the speaker but the voice is very distant as if I may have a ground issue or bad solder. I did double check all the new parts I replaced and it looks like a couple needed tweaking so I put the gun to it and touched them up. Other than that I can’t tell what the issue is. The capsule came with 2 white lead wires and a blue ground. Should I have used only one of the white wires? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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