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The D-U47FET PCB set replicates the original Neumann U47 FET circuit in a DIY-friendly format. Like the original, the D-U47FET is a cardioid, solid-state condenser microphone based around the K47/M7 capsule.

PCB Set Features:

  • Ability to bias the FET instead of hand-selecting to match the original schematic
  • Various output transformer options:
    • Cinemag CM-2480
    • Sowter 1303
    • AMI T49
  • Various capsule options:
    • Microphone Parts RK47/RK7
    • Peluso CEK-47
    • Peluso P-K47
    • Equinox Systems Q47-D
    • Cathedral Pipes “Dale” M7


  • $25 CAD for PCB set

Ordering and more info:

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  1. my u47fet pcb kit work but with a weak sound?

    many users of this kit have the same problem

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