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The SB4000 is a stereo buss compressor based on Gyraf’s GSSL.┬áThe SB4000 incorporates many of the mods that have been developed for the Gyraf’s clone, making it a “next generation” GSSL.

Notable Features:

  • Fits in a 8″ deep 1RU case (smallest size commonly available)
  • PCB set includes main board, power supply, and control board
  • Incorporated mods:
    • Turbo: provides the option for mono (summed) or stereo sidechain
    • Super sidechain x2: adds sidechain high-pass filters and “tilt” eq curves
    • VU bargraph
    • Relay bypass
    • Power supply redesigned from the (sometimes) problematic GSSL
  • Supports DBX202x and THAT218x VCAs


  • $100 for PCB set and silk screened front panel

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  1. I would like to inquire about the purchase route and price of the SB4000 REV II kit! I can weld completely by myself!

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