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While DIY reproductions of the classic U87 are not hard to come by, most projects require the builder to do much of the work in terms of sourcing parts. For a high-quality, turnkey DIY reproduction, Mic & Mod offers several options.


  • U87 kit:
    • PCB designed and fabricated by Poctop
    • Unmarked body
    • Cardioid/omni with MK67 capsule, with addition of fig.8 with MK87 capsule
    • Cinemag output transformer (modeled after AMI T13)
  • C12 kit:
    • PCB designed and fabricated by Mic & Mod
    • Unmarked 251-style body
    • Variable 9-pattern polar response (omni/cardioid/fig.8)
    • NOS GE 6072A tube
    • Dedicated power supply


  • 399EUR for U87 full kit (799 for matched pair)
  • 119EUR for U87 partial kit (does not include transformer or body)
  • 649EUR for C12 full kit (1299 for matched pair

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One thought on “Mic & Mod U87 / C12 Microphone Kits

  1. Anyone have their MCA SP1 Mocs modded? There’s the Michael Joly and Microphone Parts mods. How do these compare to the Jim Williams mod? I don’t have much experience w a solder gun, but the mic parts diy mod is $150 cheaper, and I have a pair I wanna mod.
    I’m curious what people’s opinions are on these SP1 mods. Hopefully some of u have tried more than one, if not all..


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