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The MK47 kit is a clone of the Neumann U-47 tube condenser microphone circuit. It includes IOAudio’s reproductions of the original Bv.-08-00 transformer and VF14 vacuum tube. The kit contains all of the components needed to build the microphone head amplifier; builders must also source a microphone body, capsule, and power supply.

Pictures courtesty of IOAudio

Notable Features:

  • Runs on a single 105vdc power rail
  • Relay-driven polar pattern switching
  • Fit’s most U-47-style housing options such as:
  • Uses IOAudio’s VF14r tube
  • The full kit contains:
    • Bv.08c Transformer
    • VF14r Tube(s)
    • MK47 PCB
    • HQ coupling capacitor
    • VHZ Relais cardioid/omni
    • 100 MegaOhm resistors
    • All caps, resistors, sockets and isolators needed

Price: 229€ for full kit

More details and ordering information at Ioaudio’s white market store.

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    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for pointing out that I forgot to include that info! I just added it to the list of components above.

      Just curious, which mic body and capsule are you planning on using?

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