MojoTone British 100 Watt-Style Head

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MojoTone’s British 100W-Style head is offered as a DIY take on the original Marshall 1959SLP amp. The amp operates exactly like the original, including the ability to jump the two channels together. The kit can be purchased complete, without tubes, and/or without a chassis.

mojotone plexi marshall diy recording guitar amp

MojoTone British 100-watt-style Head Features:

  • Utilizes JJ EL34 and 12AX7 tubes
  • 100watts output
  • MojoTone custom transformers


  • $1076.35 for complete kit
  • $914.33 for kit without tubes
  • $764.98 for kit without cabinet
  • $656.78 for kit without tubes or cabinet

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