Microphone Parts Apex 460 “Fox” Mod Kit

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Building upon the Apex 460 (a widely available clone of the C-12 condenser and popular “donor microphone” for modders), this Microphone Parts mod kit is designed as a step-by-step revamp of the circuit’s topology to improve the microphone’s linearity without necessitating an expensive transformer upgrade.

Apex 460 Mod Kit Features:

  • Uses high-quality component upgrades including a 6072 tube and choice between several capsules (R-12, RK-47, and RK-7)
  • Compatible with many Chinese-made C-12 clones (provided that the PCB is identical to this one)
  • “SG Edition” upgrade to the kit includes hand-selected gold-pin Electro-Harmonix tube, Kimber Kable silver wire, and WBT 4% solder


  • $209 for Fox Mod
  • $109 for Fox Mod sans capsule
  • $239 for Fox SG Mod

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