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Link Audio Design manufactures analog pro audio devices, located in Germany.

This Preamps are recreations of a Classic Preamp designs used in a 4000E/G/ 9000 Desks. The preamp section is based schematics and uses for example original Jensen Input Transformer for a balanced Input Signal. The Preamp design itself uses Op Amps for Gain.

The Addons of this Preamps are Peak LED and a full Meter, which can be selected Pre or Post Fader. The Fader at the End of the Preamp module gives the most flexible options to make this Preamp use in different situations. In that combination of Preamp and Fader there are already a lot of possibilities for sound colouration with the Preamp. In addition there is a added variable Low and High Cut Filter, to clean up the Signal before recorded and DIYRE compatible Colour Modul Option to add another Colour to this preamp.


  • Jensen Input Transformator JT-115K-EPC(only E01)
  • Gain – 16-68 dB  Gain Stepped recallable with Grayhill Switch
  • 48V – For Phantom Power Microphones
  • Pol – Switches the Polarity of the Input
  • Pad – Enables – 20dB Pad at the Input
  • Low-Cut filter – 10-250 Hz (24dB/oct)
  • High-Cut filter – 3.5-20 kHz (24dB/oct)
  • Colour Module (DIYRE) – to add coloration
  • Output Fader –  -∞ to +12dB after Preamp
  • Level Meter – internal switchable After Fader or After Preamp
  • Peak Led – After Preamp
  • High quality pots (TT Electronics and Alps Alpine)
  • Balanced THAT1646 Output
  • AS194H Super Matched Transistors(E49/G91/9KJ)

Its running on +16V/-16V/+48V in the 500 API/ VPR Rack or in the GDIY 51X Rack



Full kit (PCB set, knobs and front panel, electronic parts) : 230-290 € (ex. shipping + VAT)
Assemblied, calibrated and tested: 360-420 € (ex. shipping+VAT)

More info available at