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The MixBUZZ1 is a stereo buss compressor based on the GSSL project. It is similar to the MixBUZZ500, but with some extra features and numerous options for building.

Notable Features:

  • Numerous VCA options
  • Three ratio options:
    • 1:2-1:4-1:10
    • 1:1.5-1:2-1:4-1:10
    • 1:1.5-1:2-1:4-1:6-1:8-1:10
  • Optional ‚ÄúTurbo mod”: switch between Aarhus (summed) or Oxford (dual mono) stereo-linking
  • Optional sidechain filters
  • Optional dry/wet mix
  • Relay bypass
  • Fits in a 1RU case


  • $90 for PCB set from IJ Audio

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