D-49B/C Vintage Microphone PCB Kit

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The D-M49 is a recreation of the Neumann M49 tube microphone. It comes in two versions, B and C: B is filament-biased, whereas C is the conventional self-bias type. Builder must furnish output transformer, enclosure, and capsule.

D-M49B/C Features:

  • Two versions available, utilizing nearly all of the same components
  • Employs a AC701K tube
  • A 5840 tube may be substituted when wired as a triode
  • Can employ K47, K49, or M7-type capsules
  • Supports the AMI T49 output transformer
  • PCB set includes microphone and power supply boards
  • Two form factors available: round 60mm and rectangular 44 x 48mm


  • $49 CAD for PCB set

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