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For those guitarists who love the 18W amp’s tone and response, but need extra power for gigging, the PP-36 is the ideal solution. It uses the same circuit as the PP-18 and adds two extra EL84 power valves and a GZ34 rectifier valve to provide up to 36W of output. Like the original 18W/Dominator circuit, it has basic but responsive Volume and Tone controls.



  • All-valve signal path
  • 36W output
  • Push-pull cathode biased design
  • 2x ECC83, 4xEL84, 1xGZ34 valves
  • Volume, Tone and 18-36W controls
  • 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs
  • 120V (US) or 240V (EU)


  • From ¬£310

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