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The AMI U47 kits provide the framework for Neumann/Telefunken U-47 microphone projects.  The kits include the headbasket, body, capsule mount, and AMI’s replica of the original transformers.  The class kit uses the vintage Tuchel connector, while the modern kit updates the connector to a Binder 7-pin variety.  Builders must source other parts, such as the capsule, tube, and power supply themselves, but AMI has provided a great schematic and BOM for a full U47 build on their website.

Images courtesy of TAB-Funkenwerk

Notable Features:

  • Choice of M7 or K47 capsule holder
  • Tuchel or Binder bottom connector (does not come with male insert connector)
  • Kit includes AMI’s BV8R transformer, wound to the Braunbuch specs of the original BV8
  • Choice of U47 headbasket with hole for polar pattern switching or FET 47 basket without hole
  • Tube and transformer mounting hardware
  • Capsule plate is a simplified version of the U47 without the polarity switch and switch cover.


  • $900 for full kit
  • $600 without transformer

See more about the AMI U47 kits at TAB-Funkenwerk’s website.

Read an interview with the creator, Oliver Archut, at