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Yann Lu manufactures analog pro audio devices. His first conception is a pure class-A microphone preamp in 500 series.
The circuitry is inspired by the early 80s Harrison MR serie console.
The low noise parallel discrete input stage produces very pristine, clear and transparent sounds with thick transients.



  • Mic input : Impedance 1200 Ω ; Gain min: 0dB ; Gain max: 70dB
  • Instrument input : Impedance 200 kΩ ; Sowter® transfo
  • Electrically balanced line outputs
  • -20dB pad switch
  • 48V switchable phantom power
  • Sweepable high-pass filter (12 dB/oct ; 40 to 730 Hz)
  • Level indicator LED (trimmable threshold)
  • Noise level: ca. 115dB


Paypal only
Delivery time: 3 weeks


  • Assemblied and tested: 599 € incl. VAT

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    1. Thank you Paul ! I am currently designing a full parametric EQ inspired from the same Harrison MR4 console. The difficult part of that is to put all the switches and knobs in a 1 unit module…

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