Whistle Rock Audio ML918 Discrete Opamp

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Many aficionados are familiar with the Jensen JE-990, a discrete opamp known for its low noise and transparent sound when compared with other DOAs such as the 1731 and 2520. However, before Deane Jensen’s introduction of the 990, he designed the JE-918, a DOA with similar characteristics, for use in broadcast consoles built by Pacific Recorders & Engineering. Whistle Rock Audio has now cloned the original for use by DIYers, retaining as much as possible of the original circuit.


  • Optimized for +/-16V operation (ideal for 500-series)
  • Can be modified to run at +/-24V for 51x Alliance compatibility and added headroom
  • Similar performance specs to Jensen JE-990


  • $2.50 USD (PCB only)
  • $16.50 USD (PCB + component kit)
  • $60 USD (assembled + tested)

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