Weber 503 Tweed Deluxe Amp

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Weber 503 Tweed Deluxe Amp
Weber offers kits that allow one to build many variations on the Fender 503 Tweed Deluxe circuit. Weber also offers a special 503x2 kit that doubles the power of the original circuit and adds a second 12" speaker to the cabinet. [gallery link="file" columns="4"] <strong>Notable Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Kit options:</li> <ul> <li>503: Classic circuit w/ 12" speaker</li> <li>503 Head: Classic circuit, head only</li> <li>503P Proluxe: Classic 503 w/ 6L6 tubes in fixed bias and WZ34 tube rectifier w/ 12" speaker</li> <li>503P Proluxe Head: 503P circuit, head only</li> <li>5C3: Octal, grid-leak biased front end w/ 12" speaker</li> <li>5C3 Head: 5C3 circuit, head only</li> <li>5C3P Octal Proluxe: Combination of 5C3 and 503P circuits w/ 12" 50w speaker (12A150-A)</li> <li>5E3x2: Double power of 5E3 circuit w/ two 12" speakers</li> <li>5E3x2 Head: 5E3x2 circuit, head only</li> </ul> <li>All complete kits come with Weber speakers</li> <li>Wiring diagrams included</li> </ul> <strong>Price:</strong> $315-$465 <strong>More Information:</strong> <ul> <li>Available from Weber's kit store</li> </ul>

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