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The second offering in Total Audio Control’s design collaboration with Amek founder Graham Langley, MICPRE ONE closely mimics the design of the preamp stage found in Amek’s popular Angela and M2500 consoles. It is offered as a complete DIY kit.

MICPRE ONE Features:

  • Switchable input impedance (5k ohms/600 ohms)
  • 120Hz 6dB/octave HPF
  • 66dB of gain in 6dB steps, incl. fader stage
  • Flat frequency response to within half a dB up to 80kHz
  • DI input, with “thru” output


  • £235 for complete DIY kit

More Information:

  • Availabe from Total Audio Control on the GroupDIY White Market
  • View the support/information thread