The Human Comparator “TTSH” Analog Synthesizer

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The ARP 2600 line of analog synthesizers are often regarded as some of the best ever produced. Through the ’70s, these units provided users with a format that was compact and mostly self-contained compared to most other examples in its time, which were complicated and very expensive. The Human Comparator’s TTSH (Two Thousand Six Hundred) is a full DIY kit aimed at recreating the 2600 in a somewhat smaller, more self-contained package. It functions in nearly the exact same manner as the original, with only the speaker amplifier being modified (due to difficulty sourcing accurate parts for the original circuit). As of September 2013, the project is nearing completion, with preorders expected to begin soon.

TTSH Features:

  • Near 100% replication of original circuit
  • Requires 12V / 1A DC power supply
  • Includes (3) oscillator PCBs, (1) main PCB, and front panel
  • 73% smaller than original (comparable in size to a Korg MS-20)


  • est. $1000 for kit and components (exact price TBA)

More Information:

  • Prototype video demo, photos, and expanded FAQ at
  • Detailed progress updates on Muffwiggler modular synth forum here