TB Audio TB2S Discrete Opamp

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TB Audio TB2S Discrete Opamp
TB Audio's TB2S is a discrete operational amplifier, designed as a drop-in replacement anywhere a 2520-style DOA would normally be used. Sporting a redesigned component layout (while retaining much of the characteristic 2520 sound), the TB2S runs on +/-16VDC- making it an attractive option for budget-minded 500-series users and builders. <a href="http://wiki.diyrecordingequipment.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/TB2S-350x280.jpg"><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-5690" src="http://wiki.diyrecordingequipment.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/TB2S-350x280-300x240.jpg" alt="discrete op amp tb audio diy recording" width="300" height="240" /></a> <strong>TB2S Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Low distortion (~8ppm at 1V/1kHz)</li> <li>20mA idle current</li> <li>Fits 2520 footprint</li> </ul> <strong>Price:</strong> <ul> <li><strong>$45 USD </strong>for (1) unit, <strong>$42.50 </strong>for (2) or more, <strong>$40 </strong>for (4) or more</li> </ul> <strong>More Information:</strong> <ul> <li>Available from <a href="http://tbaudiogear.com/?product=tb2s">TB Audio</a></li> </ul>

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