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Studio 939’s web store provides several resources for building a reproduction of the legendary C12 tube condenser microphone, using an Alctron HT-11A as a modding platform. These include both components and PCB kits (for both the external power supply and the microphone itself), as well as the AMI T14 output transformer. Builder may source hookup wiring and replacement capsule/tube if desired.

Studio 939 C12 Condenser Mic Features:

  • PCB set designed especially for Alctron HST-11a enclosure (mic and power supply), an affordable and popular modding platform for DIYers
  • Parts kit includes every component necessary to populate the mic and power supply PCBs, with special attention given to¬† original AKG specifications
  • AMI T14 transformer built to original AKG/Telefunken specifications


  • $80 for parts kit (add $95 for AMI T14 transformer)
  • $30 for PCB set
  • $160 for Alctron HST-11a microphone
  • $30 for custom headbasket (coming soon)
  • Estimated adjusted cost: $395

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