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The SSL 9k is a replica of the preamps found in the discontinued SSL 9000-series consoles. These preamps have become a popular DIY project because of their relatively low cost as well as their detailed and transparent sound. The SSL 9k 500/51x adapts the SSL 9k for the API 500-series and 51x Alliance formats and adds some nice extras such as a high-pass filter and LED meter. The SSL 9k 500/51x was created by GroupDIY forum member Bruno2000.

Images courtesy of Bruno2000

Notable Features:

  • API 500-series / 51x Alliance¬†compatible
  • High-pass filter adjustable from 15-340Hz
  • Added THAT 1646 output stage provides more gain
  • LED meter

Price: 22‚ā¨ for PCB

Additional Info:

4 thoughts on “SSL 9K 500 51x Preamp

  1. I’m just waiting on the pots to come back into stock at Audio Maintenance and then (hopefully) I’ll have two of these to fire up.

    The hardest part of this build is the scavenger hunt for the BOM. It’s not a one-click thing to Mouser – many of the parts in the original BOM are now deprecated or phased out – so be sure to read the long thread at GDIY on suitable replacements.

    Not to toot my own horn – and not that aesthetics matter – but with that said, mine are starting to look pretty bad ass.

  2. Anyone have the BOM for the SSL 9k 500/ 51X Preamp? Just got the PCB, but having trouble finding info on the 500 series vesion.

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