Sound Skulptor MP73 Preamp

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The MP73 is a version of the Neve 1290/1073 preamp modules for Sound Skulptor’s proprietary rack system. Sound Skulptor uses Carnhill’s reproductions of the classic St. Ives transformers.

Notable Features:

  • Carnhill input and output transformers
  • Impedance can be set with jumpers between 300-1,200 ohms
  • Input gain is adjusted by a combination of a pot and a hi-mid-low gain switch
  • Output trim pot
  • Designed for Sound Skulptor’s proprietary 1RU rack case

Price: 219€

Adjusted Cost: 303.75€/channel (four channels)

Sound Skulptor offers an everything-you-need kit containing four preamps, a two-channel DI, custom 1RU chassis, and external power supply for 1215€. Spread over four channels, that makes the adjusted price 303.75€/channel.

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