Sound Skulptor MP66 Tube Preamp

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The MP66 is a class-A tube microphone preamp with Lundahl input and and Cinemag output transformers.  Because of the high voltages associated with tube gear, Sound Skulptor does not recommend this kit for beginners.

Notable Features:

  • Switchable 50Hz/100Hz high-pass filter
  • “Air” equalizer switch can cut or boost 3dB at 12kHz
  • Clipping LED
  • Output trim pot
  • Lundahl input transformer
  • Cinemag output transformer
  • Occupies two units in Sound Skulptor’s proprietary 1RU rack case

Price: 289€

Adjusted Cost: 458.50€/channel (two channels)

Sound Skulptor offers an everything-you-need kit including two MP66 preamps, a two-channel DI, custom 1RU chassis, and external power supply for 917€.  At two channels, that makes the adjusted price 458.50€/channel.

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