Sound Skulptor MP12 Preamp

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Sound Skulptor’s API-type preamp gives iron-minded builders many choices for input and output transformers including Cinemag, Lundahl, OEP, Edcor, Jensen, Sowter, and Altran.

Notable Features:

  • Three input transformer options from Cinemag, Lundahl, and OEP.
  • Four output transformer options from Cinemag, Lundahl, and Edcor
  • Comes with an option for Sound Skulptor’s own 2520 clone, the SK25, or accepts many other 2520-type opamps.
  • Output trim pot
  • Designed for Sound Skulptor’s proprietary 1RU rack case

Price: 219€ (with stock Cinemag transformers)

Adjusted Cost: 303.75€/channel (four channels)

Sound Skulptor offers an everything-you-need kit containing four preamps, a two-channel DI, custom 1RU chassis, and external power supply for 1215€.  Spread over four channels, that makes the adjusted price 303.75€/channel.

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