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The MP 5.12 is a 500-series compatible preamp kit that offers what Sound Skulptor calls “the LA sound”- with “punchy midrange and tight bass.” The preamp is offered as a turn-key DIY kit with all required parts and instructions.

sound skulptor diy audio preamp 512 500

MP 5.12 Preamp Features:

  • Utilizes an SK25 discrete op-amp, Sound Skulptor’s take on the API 2520
  • 70dB of gain
  • Input pad
  • Signal indicator LED
  • FET DI input
  • Fully adjustable gain and output pad
  • Cinemag input and output transformers


  • €275 for DIY kit
  • €399 for assembled/tested unit

More Information:

  • Full description at Sound Skulptor’s website
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