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The OV560 is [silent:arts]’s recreation of the vintage Neumann OV60 preamplifier for the modern 500-series/51x Alliance modular formats. Both the OV560 and the original OV60 are opamp-based preamps with transformer inputs and outputs. With the OV560, [silent:arts] has added sockets for standard, 2520-size discrete opamps.

OV560 Features:

  • Slow-start +48v phantom power
  • Direct input jack with HiZ plugin format
  • Footprints for various DOA options:
    • Neumann OA10, OA12, OA20 and modern replacements
    • NTP M100
    • Standard, 2520-size
  • Employs input and output transformers:
    • Haufe RK204 input (replacement for Neumann 09425 or 90425)
    • Haufe RK310-2 out (replacement for Neumann 09463 or 90463)


  • €170 for partial parts kit
  • €98 for Haufe RK204 input transformer
  • €92 for Haufe RK310 output transformer

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