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The SOA is a simple, yet high-performance, discrete opamp designed by Samuel Groner (SG-Audio). The SGA has been through two revisions, with SOA-2 featuring improved transient response, common-mode rejection ratio, and gain-bandwidth product over the original. Thought it is designed to conform to the same footprint as the API 2520/Jensen 990 DOAs, the SOA is a unique design.


  • Gain-bandwidth product: 40 MHz at 10 kHz
  • Unity-gain bandwidth: 15 MHz
  • Slew rate: ±14 V/μs
  • Output swing: ±17 V
  • Class A output drive: 600 Ω for full voltage swing
  • Maximum output: ±230 mA
  • Current draw: 21 mA (no load)

Price: $15 for full kit
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