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The B16 is Seventh Circle Audio’s first compressor for their modular rack format. Like classic compressors such as the DBX 160 and the SSL console channel strip compressors, the B16 uses a VCA-based gain reduction circuit. The B16 features some clever new features such as a dry/wet mix knob, switchable knee setting, and optional output transformer. According to the SCA website, the module is relatively easy to assemble.

seventh circle diy compressor

Notable Features:

  • Employs THATcorp 4031 Dynamics Processor IC
  • Switchable 6db input pad
  • Switchable hard and soft knee
  • Mix compress and uncompressed output signals
  • Choice of three optional output transformers from Cinemag for different “colors”
  • Automatic, program dependent attack and release.
  • Bourns potentiometers


  • $159 for fill kit without transformer

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