Seventh Circle T15 Preamp

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The T15 is a simple, transformerless preamp design utilizing THAT Corporation integrated opamps.  Because of the small component count, Seventh Circle recommends this kit for any level of DIYer.

Notable Features:

  • Transformerless
  • Uses THAT corp 1512 and 1646 ICs
  • 12-position Grayhill gain switch
  • Output trim pot that can provide up to 6db of reduction or can be wired as a full fader
  • Designed for SCA’s proprietary rack case

Price: $89

Adjusted Cost: $127.75 (eight channels)

A set of eight T15s with SCA’s proprietary 3RU bundle costs $1,022.  Divided by eight, this makes the adjusted cost $127.75/channel.

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