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The N72 is a clone of the preamp modules used in the Neve 1272 and 1073.  It employs Carnhill transformers, which are the modern descendants of the Marinair and St. Ives iron used in the original units.  SCA recommends this kit for experienced DIYers.

Notable Features

  • Carnhill input and output transformers
  • 12-position Grayhill gain switch
  • Bourns output trim pot, which can be wired either as a full fader or fine-adjustment gain control.
  • Designed for SCA’s proprietary rack case

Price: $329

Adjusted Cost: $369/channel (eight channels)

A full rack of eight N72s with SCA’s proprietary chassis/PSU/wiring package comes to $2952.  Divided among eight channels, this makes the adjusted cost $369/channel.

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