Seventh Circle A12 Preamp

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Seventh Circle’s take on the API sound uses Cinemag transformers and SCA’s own “improved” version of the API 2520 opamp.

Notable Features:

  • Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Comes with an option for the SC25 opamp (+$40), but also accepts most other 2520-type opamps. (See the list of 2520-compatible opamps)
  • 12-position Grayhill gain switch
  • Output trim pot that can provide up to 6db of reduction
  • Designed for SCA’s proprietary rack case

Price: $289 (+$40 for each SC25 opamp)

Adjusted Cost: $369/channel (Eight channels)

A full rack of eight A12s with SCA’s proprietary chassis/PSU/wiring package comes to $2952 with with SC25 opamps and $2632 without.  So the adjusted price is $369/channel.

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