Serpent Audio SA-2A Optical Compressor

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Serpent Audio SA-2A Optical Compressor
The SA-2A is Serpent Audio's never-been-done-before adaptation of the venerated Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier for the 51x Alliance format. The SA-2A occupies two spaces while maintaining the original circuit and voltages. The designer plans to accommodate Sowter and Edcor transformers, with a possible option for Lundahl and Cinemag. Because the heaters require the 51x Alliance +/-24vDC power rails, this project is not compatible with the API 500-series.<a href=""><img src="" alt="serpent audio sa-2a" title="SA-2A" width="276" height="300" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-4139" /></a> <strong>Price:</strong> Not yet announced (11.18.2011) <strong>More info:</strong> <ul> <li>To make this project happen, express you interested on the<a href="" target="_blank"> GroupDIY thread</a>!</li> </ul>

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