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Samar Audio’s RT line of toroidal transformers are specifically designed to get a perfect match with each particular ribbon microphone with impedance, damping, response curve, and noise. They can be used in DIY ribbon microphones, or for modification of existing commercial ribbon microphones. OEM is also possible. Each transformer is available with either a flat or bass-roll off frequency response. Try pairing it with the RE-154 ribbon motor.

samar audio diy ribbon transformerImage courtesy of Samar Audio

Notable Features:

  • Manufactured with the following turns ratios:
    • RT28    1:28  Ratio (RCA Varacoustic, 77, Beyer M130, M50, M260, M360, etc)
    • RT32    1:32  Ratio (Beyer M160,  Apex 205/210, Nady RSM1 & 2, other similar Chinese ribbons)
    • RT36    1:36  Ratio (Nady RSM4, Stellar RM3, other similar Chinese ribbons)
    • RT40    1:40  Ratio (additional damping)
    • RT55    1:55  Ratio (thicker foil ribbons, additional damping)
    • RT70    1:70  Ratio (active ribbons, thicker foil ribbons, additional damping)
    • RT100  1:100 Ratio (active ribbons)
    • RT200  1:200 Ratio (active ribbons)
  • Optional mu-metal shielding
  • Can be custom ordered to match any ribbon microphone design


  • $129 for RT28, RT32, RT36, RT40
  • $139 for RT55
  • $149 for RT70
  • $159 for RT100
  • $169 for RT200
  • +$25 for mu-metal can

More information at Samar Audio’s website.

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  1. I have read an article by the guy who started the Samar Audio recently (shame, I can’t find a link again) and it left a very good impression. Informative and thoughtful, clear ideas, no “audiophile mystics”. A person with such in-depth knowledge of the matter just can’t make his transformers bad. I haven’t tried them, but bet, they worth every penny.

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