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Ian Bell’s REDD EQ project is a recreation of the EQ section of consoles bearing the same name, found in Abbey Road Studios in the ’60s. Although the original REDD consoles were tube-based, the EQs themselves employed passive LC (inductor-capacitor) filter networks. RuffRecords’ circuit contains no makeup gain, which will have to be provided by the builder (RuffRecords offers a “Poor Man’s Tube Gain Makeup” PCB as an option). Although the project was intended for use in a traditional 19″ enclosure or as a custom console module, its design bears the 51x/500-series footprint in mind, and can be adapted to that format using a 500-series L-bracket.

ruffrecords redd eq passive abbey road recording analog diy

REDD EQ Features:

  • Treble and bass boost/cut from original REDD design,
  • Additional “Brilliance” control from RS127


  • 9GBP for EQ PCB
  • 3.75GBP for Grayhill switch header PCB (x3)
  • 5GBP for Poor Man’s Tube Gain Makeup PCB (if other method of makeup gain is not substituted)

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