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Born out of Ian Thompson-Bell’s “Poor Man’s Tube Preamp” design, is a fully functional tube mixer project with provisions for 60dB preamps, hi-impedance DI inputs, passive EQ (Pultec, Helios, or REDD-style), faders, and up to 4 mix busses. The design is modular and open in its implementation, allowing builders to come up with a console that fits their needs. Although the project is not recommended for beginners due to its magnitude (as well as its basis in tube operation), it is a fairly inexpensive project when compared alongside the typical cost of purchasing an all-tube console.

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EzTubeMixer Features:

  • Input section with DI in, phantom power, phase reverse, pad
  • Swappable passive EQ modules
  • L/C/R/mute switching
  • Auxiliary routing and up to 4 mix busses


  • 24GBP per channel for PCBs
  • ~155GBP per preamp channel in components

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