DIYAC RE154 Ribbon

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The RE-154 is a ribbon motor intended for DIY ribbon microphone projects.  The ribbon motor is available either fully assembled (hand made in Europe) or as a parts kit.  It is manufactured and distributed by DIY Audio Components.

Images courtesy of DIY Audio Components

Notable Features:

  • Measures 72 mm (2.83″) x 21 mm (0.83″) x 6 mm (0.28″)
  • Pure aluminum ribbon
  • Approx. 40Hz-16kHz frequency response
  • Can be paired with Edcor, Cinemag, or Lundahl transformers


  • $39 for DIY kit
  • $59 pre-assembled

Adjusted Cost: From $89

DIY Audio Components’ website puts together this estimate for the cheapest mic possible using their ribbon: $59 for the RE-154 + $24 for the Edcor transformer + $6 for the XLR jack.  Of course, this estimate does not include the microphone body.

For more information, visit DIY Audio Components’ website.