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Rob Squire’s tutorial in AudioTechnology magazine for designing and building a passive monitor controller provides a very helpful groundwork for understanding the controller’s core principles and elements. Squire’s design uses as few components as possible and leaves many design decisions up to the builder.

diy monitor controller audio analog recording studio

Monitor Controller Features:

  • Completely passive design for minimal degradation/noise
  • Configurable for master volume control, phase reverse/mono sum, multiple I/O select, etc.


  • Depends on design elements incorporated and quality of parts
  • Can range from under $10 to over $50

More Information:

  • View the original article here

One thought on “ProHarmonic/AudioTechnology Passive Monitor Controller

  1. This looks great! Does anyone think this could be integrated with 16 channels of summing? Maybe with the guts of an SB2 before the inputs? I’m guessing some make up gain would be required after the summing, but that would be a great setup.

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