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The “Pre Grinder” is based around the THAT 1512 preamp IC- a chip known for its ease of implementation, low power consumption, and transparent sound. Gustav from PCB Grinder’s kit is an almost-turnkey operation, incorporating all the features normally found on a preamp. The builder will need to supply the appropriate power transformer and enclosure.

Pre Grinder Features:

  • 60dB of gain
  • 48V phantom power
  • Switchable high-pass filter (filter frequency is determined by the user)
  • Uses THAT 1646 line driver IC as output stage
  • Power supply PCB included, can support up to 8 channels


  • 80-€492 (depending on the number of channels)
  • €28 for 230V primary toroid (if in Europe)
  • 18 for preamp PCB only

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