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Circuit by Tim Farrant (Buzz Audio), board design by Gustav Grinderslev and Groupdiy member “Majestic12,” PCB Grinder’s 16-2 summing mixer.

pcb grinder majestic buzz summing mixer diy recording

Majestic Buzz Features:

  • 16-in/2-out active summing


  • N/A

More Information:

  • Project board sales discontinued at PCB Grinder
  • Self etch files and schematic here

One thought on “PCB Grinder Majestic Buzz 16-2 Summing Mixer

  1. ) and with it, I also bought a cuople Tung-Sol tubes (about $15 each) to replace the stock tubes. The new tubes make a significant difference, especially when I use one of the units as a pre-amp for my electric guitar, which then goes into an old Gibson solid state amp all of a sudden I have what is effectively a tube amp (minus the power tubes, which I don’t really need in a home studio situation), with the overdrive, slight compression and warmth that I love. I use the other unit with a condenser mic, to mic the amp and the tracks sound wonderful, at least to my ears. I love having a cuople of these little guys around!

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