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This project from I.J. Research (best known simply as “Igor”) is a mastering-quality, passive monitor controller. The project is split into two independent units, control and audio, which can be mounted separately and connected via VGA cable. The audio unit employs a minimal signal path with audio passing only through relays and metal film resistors.

Notable Features:

  • Separate monitor and control room outputs
  • Passive design
  • Balanced
  • Four stereo inputs
  • Two stereo and one sub outputs
  • Mono, mute, and talkback functionality
  • Big knob adjusts gain in 64 steps of 1dB
  • Adjustable offsets for each input and output
  • Takes +12V power


No longer available.

  • $116 for PCB and microcontroller
  • €370 for full kit, which includes everything except case and VGA cable
  • $20 for talkback combiner PCB

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