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The TubeHead is a two-channel tube gain stage which can be used as a hi-fi preamp or a tube saturation effect. By feeding very low plate voltages to two 12AX7s, the TubeHead maximizes the compression and distortion characteristics of the tubes. “Drive” and “Blend” controls allow the user to adjust the amount of tube saturation imparted on the signal.

Notable Features:

  • Uses Sovtek 12AX7 tubes
  • Starved plate design
  • “Drive” and “Blend” controls
  • Optimized for unbalanced, line-level inputs
  • Can be used as an outboard tube distortion effect
  • Comes with 1RU rack case or “Hi-fi” case and wall-mount power supply


  • $131.36 for complete rack-mount kit
  • $133.16 for complete hi-fi kit

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