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The “Nite” or “Air” EQ project is a clone of the discontinued Nightpro EQ3D equalizer. It’s standout features are a dedicated “sub” shelf and an exceptionally high, 40kHZ “air” filter. PCBs have long since run out, so it’s now a self-etch project.

Images courtesy of Peterc, Dagoose Music, and KHStudios

Notable Features:

  • Has the following fixed, band filters:
    • Sub shelf
    • 40Hz
    • 160Hz
    • 650Hz
    • 2.5kHz
  • And the following settings for the adjustable shelving filter:
    • 2.5k
    • 5k
    • 10k
    • 20k
    • 40k (air)
  • Runs on +/-18vdc power rails

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  1. Hi there,
    can i order boards and information for this project. I love the air eq they’re amazing!! any information I would be extremely grateful to receive…

    thanks! greg bieck

    bieckmusic at hotmail dot com

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