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The Rev J is a PCB based on the Gyraf G1176 project.  Among other new features, the board allows for more transformer options than the original G1176.  The “Revision J” designation refer’s to the designer’s drafts of the PCB, not the version of the UREI 1176 on which it is based.  Like the G1176, Mnats’ Rev J is based on the UREI 1176LN revision F.

Images courtesy of Mnats

Notable Features:

  • Accepts OEP and Lundahl transformers
  • Accepts the transistors specified in the original G1176 as well as more common replacements
  • Star grounding for reduced noise
  • Provision to link two units
  • PCB set includes main board, control boards (ratio and meter), and power supply

Price: $20 for PCB set

  • $18 each for two sets or more

More information at Mnats’ website.

PCBs available at Mnats’ White Market store.


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