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Mnats designed the Rev F PCB in order to utilize Ed Anderson’s clone of the Bournes B11148 output transformer used in the original 1176LN revision F compressors.  The result is an authentic replica of the revision F circuit including the transformers, transistors, T-attenuator, and component values.

Images courtesy of Mnats

Notable Features:

  • Lowest measured harmonic distortion of the 1176 revisions
  • Designed for Ed Anderson’s B11148 output transformer
  • Uses Ed Anderson’s copy of the UTC input transformer
  • Option for an IC input stage (rev G and later)
  • PCB set includes main and control boards
  • On-board power supply
  • External power supply PCB available for powering more than two units

Price: $26 for PCB set

  • $24 each for two sets or more
  • +$5 for each external power supply board

More information at Mnats’ website.

PCBs available at Mnats’ White Market store.


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