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The Rev A “Blue Stripe” PCB is a replica of the original and extremely rare Urei 1176 Revision A compressor. ┬áThe revision A was unique in using FETs as the first active element in the pre and line amps instead of bipolar transistors. Big name (and big budget) engineers such as Chris Lord-Alge have voiced the opinion that the rev A is special among 1176 revisions, and have in turn driven the price for originals to heights of raging insanity. ┬áMnats’ PCB is the first to make this design available beyond the extremely limited number of vintage units.

Images courtesy of Mnats

Notable Features:

  • Accepts original UTC transformers or Ed Anderson’s replicas
  • Trimming potentiometer controls the gain reduction meter driver
  • PCB can be used to make a stand-alone 1108 microphone preamp
  • Built-in power supply
  • PCB set includes main board and ratio/meter switch control boards
  • External power supply board available for powering a stereo or dual-mono unit
  • Blue PCB matches the stripe on the front and really brings out your eyes.

Price: $26 for PCB set

  • $24 each for two sets or more
  • +$5 for each power supply board

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