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The 1108 is a class-A, FET gain module made by UREI/UA and for use in microphone preamps. A few years ago, Brent Averill Enterprises was racking and selling these, but since they ran out and since Universal Audio discontinued their UA2108, the 1108 has been pretty much unavailable. Enter Mnats, creator of the 1176 Rev A PCB, to unearth yet another piece of vintage UREI gear with his DIY 1108 preamp PCB.
DIY amplifier module

Notable Features:

The 1108 is a fixed-gain (40dB) FET amplifier module that can be used in a variety of applications. It’s simple, class-A design lend it well to experimentation. To build a mic preamp, one only needs to add gain control, phantom power, and their choice of transformers. The module runs on +24vdc.


  • $12 for PCB
  • $10 each for two or more

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  1. hi a query,
    I want to build the preamp, I’m looking for the materials,
    I need to know how much voltage is the toroidal transformer its specifications,
    what is needed for the power supply
    Thank you

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