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The Livid Builder series is a line of DIY circuit boards and components that can be used to create your own MIDI controllers. Using ribbon connectors, users can connect a wide variety of analog input devices like buttons, knobs, joysticks, and faders without soldering. Input from these components is controlled by Livid’s user-programmable Brain V2 or Brain Jr., which converts analog or digital signals to MIDI information. Enclosures with minimalist designs are also available to house projects for a professional look.



  • No soldering required
  • Many analog input options – buttons, knobs, encoders, drum pads, arcade buttons, joysticks, accelerometers, faders, other sensors, and LEDs
  • In-depth WIKI and tutorials available


Boards, parts, and kits are available from Livid Instruments.


  • $49 for Brain Jr. compact controller
  • $189 for Brain V2
  • $99 for Button Box or Fader Box kits

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